Somali Ministries – Minneapolis

Welcome to Somali Ministries of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Why is the name of Jesus so unique?
  •                    Why was he the only prophet born of a virgin?
  • Why are his titles the word of God and the Spirit of God?
  • How can the Injil be corrupted? Is man stronger than God to corrupt the word of God? 

God has prepared an amazing gift for us. Do you want to learn how to receive this amazing gift that the God of love and truth has provided for us?

                        Read About How To Receive An Amazing Gift

Watch the film about the life of the prophet Isa in Somali.

Jesus brought a message of forgiveness, love and hope that every human heart longs for. Jesus was raised from the dead in victory and is in heaven giving mercy and love to those who will receive it.

Please get in touch with pastor Jason via email at or via phone at 612-293-6846.

Read the Gospel that God has revealed in the Somali language.

Again my ministry is based out of the Minneapolis area and my purpose is to minister to and pray for Somali people in an anonymous way. I don’t need to know your real name and I will ensure your identity is protected.